Violence Prevention Workshops

Protect yourself from workplace injury due to violence.

Learn practical applications to identify risk factors of violence and de-escalation techniques.

Full-day educational training (8:30am – 4:30pm) with approval from your supervisor.

Book early. Spots are limited. All workshops take place at Menno Place Hospital Chapel.

Dates (Thursdays) in 2019:

February 28 FULL

March 28 FULL

April 25 FULL

May 23 FULL

September 19 FULL

October 30 FULL

November 28

Dates (Thursdays) in 2020:

January 23

March 19

May 14

September 17

November 19

Four Steps to Participation in the Workshop – Pre-Requisites

1. Full-Time or Part-Time Employee of Menno Place

This workshop is only available to full-time and part-time employees of Menno Place.

2. Completion of Surge Learning Sessions* (Click for details)

Note: You may also have completed Fraser Health’s CCRS.

How to complete the prerequisite modules:

Sign in to Surge Learning.

Not sure how to access Surge Learning? Click here.

Courses are found in Surge Learning here:

Course Library > Health Employers Association of BC Violence Prevention (8)

Module 1: Introduction to Violence Prevention

Module 2: Recognize Risks and Behaviours

Module 3: Assess and Plan Part 1 – Complete Point-of-Care Risk Assessments

Module 4: Assess and Plan Part 2 – Develop Behavioural Care Plans

Module 5: Responde to the Risk Part 1 – Perform De-escalation – Communication

Module 6: Respond to the Risk Part 2 – Perform De-escalation Strategies

Module 7: Respond to the Risk Part 3 – Determine When and How to Get Help

Module 8: Report and Communicate Post Incident

3. Receive Supervisor Approval

Ask your supervisor if you can participate in the workshop.

Provide them with the paperwork to sign if they approve.

4. Submit Paperwork to Staffing

Staffing is located in the Hospital West Administrative hallway.

Workshop Overview

Overview of the Workshop:

Injuries arising from acts of violence or aggression are the second-most common injury type among continuing care workers. Learn how to prevent and de-escalate potentially violent situations in the workplace, and how you can protect yourself in the event of a behavioural crisis with the Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum (PVPC) core classroom course. This 8-hour classroom session is led by an expert health care facilitator. The session builds on concepts covered in the e-learning modules, providing you with the opportunity to practice and apply your knowledge in various scenarios.