Home & Hospital Fire Drills

Menno Hospital – W2      Wednesday June 8     at  23:00     **TABLE TOP**
Menno Home – W2          Wednesday June 8      at 23:30     **TABLE TOP**

Needed: Level 2 First Aid Attendant: Menno Home – How about YOU?

Menno Home requires a First Aid Level 2 Attendant

If you are interested, please contact Jeanette Lee at jeanette.lee@mennoplace.ca or 604 859-7631 by June 10, 2016

The Employer pays for the course material and time in the course.

MSDS Binders

The MSDS binders have been updated and relocated to the following areas listed below. You will also be able to find all of these MSDS sheets available on SharePoint.

Menno Home
1. Laundry Room
2. Kitchen Office
3. W1 Janitor Room (By Multipurpose Room)
4. E1 Janitor Room

Menno Hospital
1. Centre Housekeeping Room
2. Kitchen Office
3. Stores
4. First Aid Room
5. Leanne’s Office

Menno Apartments
1. Terrace West Housekeeping Room
2. PG Kitchen
3. PG 1st Floor Housekeeping Room
4. Pavilion Kitchen
5. Pavilion 2nd Floor Housekeeping Room
6. Jannasia (Master Copy)

Winners – Nurses Draw

Winners of the prizes from the Nurses Day draw:

Menno Home – Gaby DeLorme, Leanna Beynon, Sandra Ramsey, and Allison Abbott

Menno Hospital – Tammy R, Amrit S, Danielle R, Raj Bains

Apts – Anne Douglas, Laura Keim

Get Active Challenge Winners


Congratulations to the following winners of our 3rd GET ACHIVE Challenge!

Carrie MacIntosh

Am Purewal

Jake Lee

You have won $125 gift cards to SPORTCHEK.  Pick up at the Executive Assistant Office.

Stay Active and have a Great Summer!


The Health and Wellness Committee

Equitable Life Insurance of Canada – ENews

 For employees of HOME, MBS and APARTMENTS

Equitable Life is partnering with NexgenRx to provide plan members with a convenient new option for submitting paramedical and vision claims in real time.

With this new option, vision care providers and paramedical practitioners, such as massage therapists and chiropractors, can submit claims directly to Equitable Life using the theclaimsXchange® provider portal. Equitable Life can process most eligible claim decisions immediately and pay the practitioner directly.

Plan members will often know how much is covered by their plan before they leave their health care provider’s office. They will only need to pay their practitioner for any amounts not covered by the plan, such as deductibles or co-insurance.

Plan members who choose this option will still receive an Explanation of Payment to confirm the amount we have paid to them or their health care provider.

Who can submit claims using this option?
The following practitioners can submit claims to Equitable Life with the theclaimsXchange provider portal:

  • acupuncturists,
  • athletic therapists,
  • chiropractors,
  • kinesiologists,
  • massage therapists,
  • osteopaths,
  • physiotherapists,
  • chiropodists and podiatrists,
  • psychologists,
  • speech therapists,
  • social workers,
  • optometrists and
  • other vision care providers.

What do plan members need to do?
Plan members should ask their health care provider if they are registered on theclaimsXchange provider portal to submit claims directly to Equitable Life.

* Health Care Spending Account claims can be submitted via the claims Xchange provider portal, but will not be processed in real time.

Celebrating Nurses Day! Thursday, May 12th!

Thank you to the nurses who serve our residents with joy…

Please join us for soup and a bun in the staff lunchroom on Thursday, May 12th.

There will also be some prize draws, so make sure you enter your name!

WHO is safer than a 5th Grader?

North American Occupational Safety & Health Week

Are You Safer than a 5th Grader – Draw Prize Winners!

Congratulations to the following team members….

Gail Minosky – First Aid Kit

Susan Hart – Lunch at Fire Side Café

Laura Fast – Walking Sticks

You can pick up your prizes from Jeanette’s office – Hospital W1

Stay Safe and Well!

The Occupational Health & Wellness Committee


Biometric Hand Scanner Moving – Terrace Apartments

Effective May 10th at 12pm the hand punch time clock and the key box will be moving to Terrace West 2nd floor outside of the staff room.