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Hawaiian Shirt Day Winner

Hawaiian Shirt Day Draw Prize Winner for Fireside Cafe Lunch Special – Gail Taschner.

Please see Leslie at the Hospital Reception to pick up your voucher.

Congrats to Gulsen Ugras on her RETIREMENT!

Thank you to Gulsen for 11 years of loyal service to the residents of Menno Home while working in the kitchen. Her coworkers shared that Gulsen is a joy to work with, always bringing a smile and positive attitude to work.
We wish Gulsen a well deserved rest and relaxation in her retirement.

Devoted Care Staff in the Lower Mainland – Features our Maintenance Team!

“Boys and their toys” — staff at Menno Place work to keep the roads and walkways clear of snow and ice

After this week’s unusually cold weather, there are a lot of heroes that deserve praise for going beyond the call of duty. Frontline staff in hospitals and first responders, as well as the municipal staff who maintain our roads come to mind. But it is the staff who work in our long-term care, assisted living and independent living sites – in addition to home support workers out in the community and braving the snowy conditions – that we would like to recognize as well.

Whether you are a care aide or nurse, a cook preparing meals, housekeeping staff or a maintenance worker, we owe you our gratitude for taking care of our elderly loved ones.

There are so many stories we hear about that indicate the dedication and compassion people working in the seniors living and wellness sector exhibit every day. When the going gets tough as it has this week, it is remarkable how many great people step up.

Karen Baillie, CEO at Menno Place

At the Menno Place campus of care, it was a struggle for many to navigate the treacherous roadways to get into work. Abbotsford, like so many Fraser Valley communities, bore the brunt of the blizzard conditions.

Karen Baillie, CEO at Menno Place and BCCPA past president, described how her staff went the extra mile.

“Bas, my Maintenance Manager and his staff member, not only came in before the highway was closed,” says Karen, “but stayed overnight last night here in Abbotsford in a hotel and cleared our whole campus of snow. Also, our Manager of Dining Experience came in before the highway closed to make sure we could run our 5 kitchens. What a wonderful team we have!”

There are no doubt dozens of stories like the one at Menno Place. BC Care Providers Association and EngAge BC staff sends a huge thank you to all of you who have been so dedicated and caring all year long, but especially during the snowstorm of January 2020!

Article from BC Care Providers:

Menno Hospital Staffing Office Move

Please be advised that the Menno Hospital Staffing Office has moved to the north end of W1, across from the Manager of Recreation and Volunteers effective immediately.
Thank you.

Violence Prevention Workshop – SPOTS AVAILABLE

Next Violence Prevention Workshop – January 23, 2020

There are still openings for the upcoming Violence Prevention Workshop.
If you’ve completed the 8 VP modules, feel free to register. Go to the Menno Place Staff Website to register.

How to Walk on Ice – Be Safe

  • Keep your weight forward and on your front foot
  • Keep your arms out by your side to help you balance
  • Walk flat footed and take short shuffling steps
  • Wear footwear that provides traction
  • Step down, not out from curbs
  • Keeps your knees slightly bent
  • Walk on snow or grass if possible

Visitors – Flu Season Heroes Program

Visitors – Who are you protecting this flu season?
Once again, we are asking all visitors to wear a badge that indicates to the staff how they are participating in preventing infection and the spread of infection during the flu season.

When visitors sign-in at Menno Home, Hospital and TE Assisted Living, they are asked to check off a box indicating their participation in the flu season precautions – either they are wearing a mask OR they have received their annual flu shot.

They are also asked to wear a badge that indicates their participation in the flu prevention program called “BE A FLU SEASON HERO”.

All members of the Menno Place Team are asked to initiate conversations with visitors about this flu season program.

If a visitor is wearing a badge, thank them for being a part of preventing the spread of flu and being a FLU SEASON HERO.

If a visitor is not wearing a badge, please ask them to return to the sign-in table to pick up a badge and wear it while visiting.

Types of badges:

  1. Hot pink sticker – this is for either wearing a mask or receiving a flu shot. It is for infrequent visitors. Visitors dispose after use.
  2. Hot pink clip-on badge – this is for frequent visitors who have a flu shot. Visitor keeps for future visits.
  3. Bright green clip-on badge – this is for frequent visitors who have not had a flu shot. Visitor keeps for future visits.


  1. Why are we doing the Flu Season Hero Awareness Campaign?
    We are working diligently with staff and visitors toward a zero-outbreak goal for Menno Home, Hospital and Terrace East Assisted Living. This goal will be impossible to achieve without the active involvement of our visitors. The badges are another way to invite visitors to do their part in preventing the spread of infection.
  2. Who is expected to wear a badge?
    Everyone who visits is expected to wear a badge, including family members, vendors and entertainers.
  3. Who is making sure people wear their badges?
    You are. If you are working in a unit and notice someone without a badge, it is your responsibility to ask them to return to the sign-in sheet to put on a badge during their visit.
  4. How will this Flu Season Hero badge campaign make a difference?
    Each visitor will need to think about their role in preventing outbreaks. Outbreaks are stressful to residents and staff. The protocols that you follow during outbreak can be exhausting. We are working proactively with this campaign to raise awareness and individual responsibility from our visitors. We know that most of our outbreaks happen because a virus enters our units from outside. Our goal is to decrease the possibility of infection from the outside.
  5. How do visitors know about the Flu Season Hero campaign?
    Posters – There are posters in the elevators and at the sign-in locations.
    Email Newsletters – All primary contacts for residents in residential care are subscribed to our Family, Friends and Residents email newsletter. There are announcements about the campaign in those emails.
    YOU – Each one of you are speaking out to visitors about the campaign. You are educating and inviting visitors to participate and make a difference!
  6. Can a staff member be a Flu Season Hero?
    We know that all staff have either received their flu shot or wear a mask to protect our residents from the flu. You are heroes each time you do your part! You go above and beyond every time we have an outbreak and you follow the protocols. Thank you for your diligent work – each one of us doing our part is how we will achieve our goal! The Flu Season Badges are just for visitors to help identify their participation in the program.


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