You’re doing a good job – From CEO, Karen Baille

Update – Pandemic Pay for Staff

Update – Pandemic Pay for Staff

The BC Temporary Pandemic Pay Program was announced on May 7, 2020 by the federal government. On September 16th, employers were permitted to submit the straight-time hours worked by front-line health care from March 15 – July 4, 2020. The government information on Temporary Pandemic Pay is online – CLICK HERE

As of today, November 26, 2020, Menno Place has not received any funding to pass to employees for the Temporary Pandemic pay.

Menno Place submitted our claims for employee hours earlier than the Oct. 31st deadline for submissions. The Ministry of Finance has informed us that the funding may continue to be issued until December 31, 2020 as submissions are processed. We learned today that there are 8200 plus submissions for Pandemic Pay across the province and the hold-up is due to the Ministry of Health validating the claims that can takes up to 3-4 weeks, after which the health authority validates for 2-3 weeks and another 1-2 weeks to be paid by the Ministry. It is a long process and probably looking at 4-6 weeks for pandemic pay to be received. We have not been able to find out from the government what order they are approving submissions in spite of our CEO asking weekly on calls with the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible to issue the funding to Menno Place who will then be responsible to distribute this to each of our eligible employees as a lump sum on a regular paycheck.

We have heard through our staff that some other care homes have received their funding and dispersed it to their employees. So far, the only one that our CEO knows about is the Fraser Health Authority which may have different funding sources.

We are very disappointed that this is taking so long to get to you, especially as some staff have indicated that it may impact your perspective on whether or not Menno Place values your work and sacrifice during this pandemic. Please know that we are very proud of your work, your vigilance in following COVID protocols and the hard work it has taken to keep this virus out of Menno Place. We are proud of the work you are doing during the Outbreak – the Menno Home staff are at 9 days of droplet precautions and Menno Hospital has just begun. We know it is physically and mentally challenging – and we thank you for the good work that you do each day.

Now that we’ve entered COVID Outbreak in both Home and Hospital, we are even more aware of how discouraging it is to be promised additional pay and at the same time asked to do the additional effort and sacrifice that is required with droplet precautions and increased COVID protocols. We were excited about the announcement in May, knowing that you are deserving of this recognition of your skill and tenacity – as is the entire sector of employees who care for the seniors in our communities across this province. We know that the pandemic pay would give you a very real encouragement that your work is valued. Instead, this long process has discouraged the very people that it was intended to honor.

Karen Biggs, our Chief Executive Officer, is committed to making payments through our Payroll Department as soon as the funding arrives. Pandemic Pay will be given to those in eligible roles which include RNs, LPNs, HCAs, Administrative / clerical support roles and essential non-clinical services such as Food service workers, housekeepers, laundry workers, maintenance, deliveries and other key roles. It will arrive in a lump sum on one paycheck. We will notify you when we receive the funding from the BC government.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What criteria need to be met in order to be eligible for Temporary Pandemic Pay?
    Employees who worked straight-time hours at any point during the 16-week period starting on March 1, 2020 and ending July 4, 2020
  • Does the employee have to work full-time during this period to qualify?
    No, all employees, irrespective, of whether they worked full-time, part-time, casual, or temporary are eligible if they meet the criteria (above).
    This includes working during statutory holiday.
  • Do overtime hours worked on a statutory holiday count as straight-time?
    Yes, but for hours worked only, not at a premium. For example, 8 hours on a Sunday counts as 8 hours only, not time and a half.
  • Do overtime hours worked count as straight-time?
    Yes. The Temporary Pandemic Pay is a flat-rate, and would not be grossed up when working overtime or on holiday.
  • Do management positions in the organization qualify?
    No. Management and executive positions withing the organization are not eligible for the temporary pandemic pay.
  • Are programs that transitioned to remote or virtual service delivery models eligible for pandemic pay?
    Yes, front-line employees are eligible for pandemic pay irrespective if they were working remotely or on-site at their usual workplace.
  • Are contracted service providers eligible?
    Yes, non-management employees of contracted providers who deliver direct services or support services are eligible for the pandemic pay.
  • Are employers funded from different sources still eligible?
    Yes, however, the Temporary Pandemic Pay is a top-up that is proportionate to the funding the employer receives from the provincial government.
  • If an employee has resigned or retired (left) the organization during or after the 16-week period March 15 – July 4, 2020, are they eligible for the pandemic pay?
    Yes, on a pro-rated basis. This applies to straight-time hours worked during that period.
    Terminated employees are not eligible for the pandemic pay.
  • Are employees hired after March 15, 2020 eligible?
    These employees receive pandemic pay for the straight-time hours worked during the applicable time period if they meet all the eligibility criteria.
  • Is the time spent on COVID-19 leave or required isolation due to possible COVID-19 exposure eligible for the pandemic pay?
    No, any kind of leave (eg. sick leave, parental leave, vacation, short/long-term disability, etc.) including one cause by COVID-19 is not eligible for the pandemic pay.
  • Is the pandemic pay taxable?
    Yes, the pandemic pay is taxable.
  • Why can’t employees get their lump-sum on a separate cheque so that they pay less tax?
    Payroll departments do not issue separate pay checks for adds-to-pay (overtime, substitution pay, premiums, etc.) or retractive lump sum adjustments such as pandemic pay.
    The software used to calculate payroll and taxation uses taxation methods and formulas approved by the Canada Revenue Agency. These formulas cover federal income tax, provincial income tax, contributions to the Canada Pension Plan and premiums for the Employment Insurance program. Neither the employer nor payroll alters these formulas in any way.
    When Temporary Pandemic Pay recipients file their taxes next year, their earnings from all sources will be reviewed by the Canada Revenue Agency and adjustments are made as necessary.

2020 Staff Christmas Party

Team Member Christmas Party 2020

Although our Christmas Party will look different this year, we are pleased to still provide delicious food, loaves of bread, have a gift draw and Christmas Tree Decorating Contest. Be sure to go to to enter the draw. Work with your teams to decorate a beautiful tree – 1st and 2nd prizes awarded!

Trees will be on all units and at Terrace Wellness Center and Primrose Gardens. All staff who work on the unit can join in the fun of decorating the tree. Trees to be delivered on November 23, 2020.

An early Merry Christmas & Good Will to All!

Goodbye to Nik Van Egdom

Nik Van Egdom, Life Enrichment Coordinator for The Apartments, has resigned from his position.

He shared with his team a few weeks prior that he has an exciting new adventure ahead of him – he has purchased the Cobb’s Bread franchise in Mission! Before Menno, he managed a Cobb’s store and has worked very hard to attain a lifetime goal of purchasing Cobb’s Bread Franchise. Congrats Nik! This has been his dream of Nik’s for years – and it is coming true.

Nik, we pray that God will richly blessing you and your business as you embark on your new adventure, you will be missed by all!

Nik’s last day is Dec. 9th. Brenda, Reception at Primrose Gardens, has graciously agreed to do the LEC position interim while we seek another member of our team as Life Enrichment Coordinator.

-Sharon Simpson

Free Webinars for Staff form SafeCare BC – Managing the Stress of the Pandemic

From SafeCare BC:

We know how challenging the pandemic has been for everyone, both professionally and personally. That’s why we wanted to let you know about some mental health resources that may be of interest to you.


Free Webinar: COVID-19 in Schools – Q&A with Jordan Tinney, Superintendent, Surrey School District

(Thursday, November 26 @ 1:00 pm.
Click here for info and to register.)
We know the rise in COVID exposures in schools has raised concerns and questions for many families, especially for healthcare workers. Join Jordan Tinney and the Provincial Mobile Response team for an open discussion and have your questions answered.

Check out some other FREE webinars:


Click here to see a complete list of webinars.


Care to Speak

This peer service that provides emotional and mental health support specifically to those working in continuing care.

You can talk with a Peer Supporter – someone who’s worked in continuing care, so they can better relate to your experiences, and who’s received professional training to support those in need.

Here’s what the service offers:

  • It’s free, anonymous, and confidential.
  • You can call or chat online – whatever you prefer.
  • No topic is off limits. Talk about whatever’s bothering you. Your feelings are real and valid, and we’re here to listen.
  • There’s no limit to how many times you use the service.

Available days and times:

  • Monday to Wednesday (10am – 2pm)
  • Monday to Friday (5pm – 9pm)

Call us: 1-866-802-7337

Chat with us online:

Care for Caregivers

This is an online collection of mental health resources, tools, and webinars designed for those working in continuing care. All resources and webinars are free. We encourage you to check out these resources and share them with your co-workers.



SafeCare BC: Care to Speak and Care for Caregivers


Care to Speak (C2S) is a peer-support service providing emotional and psychological help to those working in continuing care.

Here’s what the service offers:

  • It’s free, anonymous, and confidential.
  • No topic is off limits. If there’s something bothering you or your staff, call or chat online.
  • However you’re feeling, those feelings are valid. We’re here to listen and offer support.
  • No limit to how many times you use the service.

Staff will talk or chat with a peer supporter – someone who’s worked in healthcare and who’s received professional training.

Available days and times:

  • Monday to Wednesday (10am – 2pm)
  • Monday to Friday (5pm – 9pm)

Call us: 1-866-802-7337

Chat with us online:


Care for Caregivers (C4C) is an online collection of mental health resources, tools, and webinars designed for those working in continuing care. All resources and webinars are free and can be accessed at

Here’s just a few of the upcoming webinars:

November 25 – HOME – 1 (one) additional positive – Total = 6 residents in Menno Home E2

NEW COVID POSITIVE CASES = 1 resident (family has been informed)


TOTAL COVID POSITIVE CASES = 6 residents in Menno Home E2; 0 staff


  • We continue to await results for several staff. The swabs are in process.
  • Most of the staff swabs have come back – all negative. Waiting for 6 more to return results.

Prayer for the Light of God’s Presence at Menno Place

From Menno Home Chaplain, Ingrid Schultz (written while on isolation):


The news of COVID 19 at Menno Home came in the midst of Diwali, the 5 day festival of lights, celebrated by many of our staff.  Diwali signifies light overcoming darkness.  Next Sunday, November 29, is the beginning of Advent, the 4 weeks before Christmas, when we remember God’s light coming into the world in Jesus, whose arrival is foreshadowed by these words:

By the tender mercy of our God, the dawn from on high will break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” (Luke 1:78-79)

We need that light and peace at Menno Place right now.  As we pray for Menno Home East 2 residents and staff and for our whole campus of care, let us pray for God’s healing light overcoming COVID 19.  Let us also pray that we can be bearers of God’s light and peace as we care for residents, their families and fellow staff.


Please join me in this prayer for Menno Place (adapted from a prayer by Carol Penner):

Great God, you are our light and our peace, an ever-present help in times of trouble, and that’s why we’re praying now.

We are troubled by COVID 19 coming to Menno Home East 2 and we’re worried things are going to get more troubling as cases of the virus are increasing in care homes across BC.

We pray the light of your presence with our front line staff who care for residents on East 2, and across our campus of care.

Protect them and grant them the peace, wisdom and courage to do their work.

Keep them safe.  

Be with our leadership team and Fraser Health officials, with Dr. Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix as they make decisions for the common good.

We pray for your healing light, comfort and peace for our residents and their families in this worrying time.

Help us all to be kind to one another and to be calm as anxious times can make us snappy.

Thank you that your love is also contagious and stronger than any virus.

Thank you that in this Advent season we remember that Jesus came to bring us the light of your love in the midst of darkness, hope in the midst of despair and peace in the midst of anxious and unsetting times.

Help us all to be bearers of your light, love, hope and peace at Menno Place.


Encouragement from Families

Lada Kyslik, Coordinator of Accreditation, Projects and Education

We are pleased to announce that Lada Kyslik has accepted the role of Coordinator of Accreditation, Projects and Education beginning November 25, 2020.

Lada brings a wealth of experience with her, having worked in health care for 26 years in acute care, long term care and community care.  Lada is a trained LPN who has worked as an Educator for Fraser Health and as an LPN Team Lead at Menno Hospital.  During that time, Lada was honoured in 2017 as the recipient of the Menno Place Living Our Values award. She has been teaching the HCA program at a local college for 8 years.

We are excited to have Lada join our team and we look forward to having her teach and share her expertise with us.