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Diarrhea’s over, Come on over… to PARTY

Menno Walking Club: May & June

Thank you to Menno Place Staff

Thank you to all staff from the DeGeus Family!

The family of John & Tillie DeGeus dropped off flowers and a card to all Menno Place staff to thank us for the excellent care their parents received here. Tille lived in Terrace East and John lived in East 1 in Menno Hospital. The card that came with the flowers reads:

To all the staff at Menno Home,

Thank you so much for the wonderful years Mom & Dad had living here. Also for the many friends they have made.

With Christian love,
Hilda Tjoeker
– Daughter of John & Tillie De Geus

Prize Winners for Nurse’s Week

Congratulations on the nurses who won the draw for Nurse’s week!!
They are:

The Apartments: provided to staff by Darlene N
Geeta P.
Lorelli K.
Tanya U.
Brenda N.
Darlene VW

Menno Hospital: In SimpeQ’s HR office
Gurpreet J
Nina S
Mandy S
Pardeep K
Taran B

Menno Home: please pick up at reception (Ursula)
Ash G
Elena S
Allison A
Adria V
Deb J

Apartments: JOHS Member Needed

Hospital: Level 2 First Aid Attendant











SafeCare BC’s mission has always been to help foster safer and healthier workplaces for continuing care workers across BC. We design our workshops and programs to equip our members with the knowledge they need – and that’s why we want to hear from you.

From May 15 – June 5, SafeCare BC is inviting all of its members – this includes front-line workers, managers, and senior leaders –  to participate in an online survey to provide us with feedback on our programs and services.

Please follow this link below to complete the survey!

SafeCare BC Survey

Internal Posting Applications Online

Hearts & Hands Conference