Free Psychological Services During COVID-19

The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) recognizes the tremendous burden that COVID-19 is placing on health care providers working on the front line to care for people who become sick, and especially those who become very sick. Canadians with COVID-19 depend on front line health providers. The well-being of front line health providers is critical to them being able to do their jobs.

The Canadian Psychological Association would like to help. The CPA has called on all registered psychology practitioners to consider donating some of their time to provide psychological services to front line health care providers who may be feeling stressed, overwhelmed or distressed by being on the front lines of this health crisis.

If a front line health service provider would like to contact a psychologist, they can find a listing of psychologists who have volunteered to provide psychological services to them at no charge.

The listing of psychologists is organized into province and territory. It is important that the provider chooses a psychologist who is on the list in the province or territory in which the provider is located. The psychologists on the listing have agreed to return calls for requests for service within 24 hours of their receipt.