Temporary Pandemic Pay – Update – 10/09/2020

The Temporary Pandemic Pay supports eligible employees that delivered in-person, front-line care in health, social services and corrections during the 16 week period of March 15 to July 4, 2020.

The Province of British Columbia is coordinating with multiple ministry funders and hundreds of service providers to ensure the distribution of funds. (Sept. 16, 2020)

Menno Place is provided the Temporary Pandemic Pay through Fraser Health. The reporting for eligible employee work information is due to Fraser Health by October 31, 2020. Following this, Fraser Health will approve the report and the funds will be issued to Menno Place for distribution to employees through the regular payroll process.

Temporary Pandemic Pay funding will be based on the number of Fraser Health funded beds in each of our funded buildings – Menno Home, Menno Hospital and Terrace East Assisted Living. The hourly rate of Temporary Pandemic Pay will vary based on which building the eligible employee worked. Temporary Pandemic Pay is taxable and subject to payroll deductions.

For more details, please go to: www.2.gov.bc.ca