Upgrade to Home and Hospital Phone System… Coming Soon

Coming in the next month (date TBD) – An Upgraded Phone System for Home and Hospital

The phone system that we use in the Home and Hospital has become outdated and requires an upgrade.

An upgrade to the phones in Home and Hospital will benefit each user and our campus in many ways – here are two:

  • You will be able to transfer calls across the whole campus!
  • There will be increased functionality with this phone system (YAY!) Details of the functionality will be outlined during the training.

Training will be provided to all who use the phone system in Home and Hospital.

The upgrade of the phone system will take place overnight so that down-time will be minimized. Some of the phones will be replaced and some will remain the same.

The exact date of when this will take place has yet to be determined. We want to keep you in the loop so that you know this is coming.