It’s time to nominate your team members for the 2020 Team Member Appreciation Awards! All nominations are open for input from staff, family and residents!


The “Living Our Values” award recognizes a team member for their outstanding capacity to live out the values of Menno Place: Stewardship  |  Excellence  |  Respect  |  Value Sanctity of Life  |  Innovation  |  Compassion  |  Encouragement


This award focuses on improvements that may be not necessarily be perceived as significant. These improvements, ideas and solutions happen daily at Menno Place – it’s the way that a team member organizes a chart, improves a process, makes it easier to read or find something – it’s the way that team members see what is required and fix, improve and serve our residents. If you’ve seen this take place, NOMINATE your co-worker!


A safety champion is devoted to safety, they lead others in safety – they speak out when a process is not safe. A safety champion has safety as top-of-mind, creating a safer environment for all who work here.