December 4, 2019

All Staff and Visitors

From: Infection Prevention and Control Committee

Re: Flu Season / Influenza Policy

As of December 4th, we are operating under the Influenza Control Program Policy. This requires that all staff working in resident spaces report their decision to be vaccinated or their understanding about wearing a mask in resident spaces.

Influenza causes the most deaths among vaccine-preventable diseases, outpacing all others combined. Each year in Canada approximately 3,500 people die from the flu and its complications. Hospitalized patients and seniors in residential care are more vulnerable than healthy adults.

As we approach the end of this calendar year, we are asking our staff to ensure that they have completed their influenza self-reporting. Please complete the Menno Place online self-reporting tool. Click Here.

Thank you for doing your part in preventing the spread of influenza among the vulnerable population of residents that call Menno Place their home.

In the event of an outbreak, staff working in the outbreak area will be required to have the flu shot or take tamiflu in order to work.