Janet Bergen – Executive Director, Care Services

Janet Bergen, RN, BTh, MAL
Executive Director, Care Services
Janet Bergen came to Menno Place in 2018 as the Executive Director Care Services. She is a Registered Nurse with over thirty-five years of progressive clinical, educational and management experience. Her primary focus is quality performance to provide safe and superior service to residents and families. She is committed to creative relationships that build a sense of trust and community that enhances the lives of residents, families and staff at Menno Place. Her experiences volunteering in Haiti and Russia with MCC have impacted her deeply, reminding her of the fragile nature of life and a longing to provide hope and dignity to every human life.

Garry Janzen – Life Enrichment Coordinator

Garry Janzen is the newest member of the Menno Place team! He is the Life Enrichment Coordinator for Menno Home and Menno Hospital.
He has spent the last ten years in pastoral ministry, and prior to that worked 25 years in the business community.
We are thrilled to welcome Garry to the team, and he’s answered a couple questions so that we can get to know him better…

Laura Hanayli – Occupational Therapist

Laura’s role as an occupational therapist at Menno Place includes helping residents with their mobility skills – using their hands, walking, exercising – and working with them to improve those skills.

Today, we got a chance to ask her some more personal questions – read the interview below!

Jeanette Lee – Director of Human Resources

Jeanette has been at Menno Place for almost five years, and her experience and resourcefulness make her a dynamic part of the Executive Team!
Today, we get to know her just a little better with a short Q+A…

Nik Van Egdom – Life Enrichment Coordinator

Meet Nik!
He’s our new Life Enrichment Coordinator for the Apartments at Menno Place.
He has been at Menno Place for a year and a half already and is just beginning in this new role. He is an invaluable addition to the team – bringing an energy and passion to his job that makes working with him a joy.

Read the Q+A to find out what he does on a typical day and why he loves working at Menno Place!

Bas Kervel – Manager of Environmental Services and Material Management

Bas has had many different positions in his 17 years at Menno Place, and now as the Manager of Environmental Services, he is a crucial part of making this place function.

Today we asked him a couple questions to get to know him better!

Kathrin McMath – Executive Director, Finance and Operations

Kathrin has been a part of the team at Menno Place since 2008! Her skill and leadership ability have been an asset to our team, and we were excited to get to ask her a couple questions today!