WorkLife Pulse 2017 – Survey Results

June 2017

Menno Place uses the Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum program to guide our quality improvement efforts.  This involves assessing and improving the services we provide based on Accreditation Canada’s standards.

The WorkLife Pulse tool is an important part of this process.  The online survey asks for your opinions on different aspects of your work environment.  The results help us identify areas that may need to be improved.

The Process: 

A link to the WorkLife Pulse survey was emailed to each regular and casual staff personal or work email on March 24, 2017 with the closing date, May 1, 2017.  Reminder emails went out to staff every 2 weeks to ensure maximum participation. The required number of participants were 181 and 215 surveys were received.  All were completed on the web site portal.


Menno Apartments – 37

Menno Home – 91

Menno Hospital – 87

Total – 215


Menno Apartments – 25

Menno Home – 73

Menno Hospital – 71

Total – 169

The survey consists of 30 questions. The answers to the questions could result in three categories:

  1. Green flag – Two columns representing the top two positive answers are added and the sum of those two is greater or equal to 75%.   Indicates areas that do not require improvement at the time of the report.
  2. Yellow flag – Two columns representing the top two positive answers are added and the sum of those two is more than or equal to 50% but less than 75%.  Indicates areas where some improvement may be required.
  3. Red flag – The columns representing the top two positive answers are added and the sum of those two is less than 50%.  Serves as an alert to the organization. These should be reviewed and determine which ones require further investigation and improvement. Where improvements are necessary, an action plan is recommended.

The Results:   Menno Place Overall Results:

Green  60% Green   70%
Yellow 37% Yellow  27%
Red 3% Red  3%

Compared to the results of 2015 the finding show a decrease of green flags by 10%, an increase of yellow flags by 10% and equivalent red flags.

Comparison of Location Breakdown 2014 – 2015 – 2017

2017 Survey’s Submitted % Green % Yellow % Red
Hospital 87 50% 47% 3%
Home 91 43% 53% 3%
Apts 37 77% 20% 3%
Total 215
2015 Survey’s Submitted Green Yellow Red
Hospital 71 63% 30% 7%
Home 73 60% 37% 3%
Apts 25 77% 20% 3%
Total 169

RED FLAGS to be given attention:

Menno Hospital          Q30     Overall, how would you rate your organization as a place to work?

Excellent         27.6%

Very Good       20.7%              Excellent to Good   85.1%

Good                36.8%

Fair                  11.5%

Poor                 3.4%

Menno Home              Q 19    Senior managers act on staff feedback

Strongly Agree            16.5%

Agree              27.5%

Neutral            19.8%

Disagree          13.2%

Strongly Disagree 23.1%

Menno Apts                 Q19     Senior managers act on staff feedback

Strongly Agree            11.1%

Agree              36.1%

Neutral            44.4%

Disagree             8.3%

Strongly Disagree       0%

The Action Plan:  The results of the survey will be shared on the Menno Place Staff Newsletter.  As well, managers and supervisors will share the results of the 2017 WorkLife pulse survey with their teams and seek feedback on how to improve on the statement which resulted in a red flag.  The recommendations will be reviewed with the Leadership Team for follow up.

Please see the following document for a detailed breakdown of the survey results from each location – Survey Results by Location

Thank you all for your participation as we seek to improve our work/life balance to enhance your work and life experience.